Saturday, July 15, 2006


I spotted several out of state liscense plates as we pulled into our parking spot at White Lake and Lake Michigan. This is paradise and i live only 20 minutes of back roads from it. First we stopped at Pekadills to get a tasty sandwhich and eat outside in their garden, listening to the waterfall in the pond. Then it was off to the beach. Swimming was peaceful and refreshing. The sand and sun felt wonderful. We read on the beach, took a walk, a nap, and swam. Perfect.

Now that i am back home, rinsed off, and the cooler is unpacked, i am going to finish my blanket quilt thing that i started yesterday. The hardest part is finishing the stupid thing. I found that binding that is NOT satin is so much easier to work with than satin binding. So, i am off to sew and then spend some more quality time with my husband before he is gone for a week. I can still feel sand between my toes. . .


Ang said...

you are a blogging maniac lately!
I feel i I just checked your blog...and yet today there were three fun new posts to read.
how inspiring! maybe I'll start blogging more consistently again too....maybe.


Anonymous said...

I hate to disagree with you Sweet Pea, but I live in Paradise!!!