Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pill box and Grilled Cheese

So, i now think it necessary to buy one of those pill boxes that separate your pills for the day. One reason is because i am an organizational freak and another reason is that i am taking 9 pills a day and i am having trouble keeping track of them all. Because i am too young for a daily pill box, i have set my pills on the ledge of the backsplash in the kitchen, so that i can keep track of what i have already taken. I am up to 500 mg of Glucophage 3 times a day, my thyroid medicine for my underactive thyroid, my prenatal vitamin that i have been taking for over a year now, my prometrium that i take twice daily, my alergy medicine, and soon i will add provera once a day.

I am married to a very good cook. He enjoys it and he is great at it. It makes my heart smile when he asks for a Lindsey Grilled Cheese. It is something that he is unable to replicate. He says they just don't taste the same when he makes them. That feels so good. They do turn out to be the perfect color, just the right crispyness, and with a touch of mustard. My dad taught me the mustard trick. They are really the best grilled cheese ever and i make them with the 2% milk cheese, so they are only 4 points on weight watchers. I love it when i ask if he wants one or two and he replies, "two, please."

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angandryan said...

Lindsey... from one hypo-thyroid to another...

you probably already know this.
i didn't though. you'd think one of my doctors would have told me. they didn't. instead I read it somewhere...

don't take your thyroid medication close to the same time you take the prenatal vitamins. the vitamin can cancel the effectiveness of the 'synthroid.'

miss you :)