Monday, February 19, 2007


Finally, my stomach is feeling better and the fluid is starting to drain. I went from peeing only two or three times a day to peeing four times just last night. Hooray. The only thing is ovarian hyper stimulated syndrome (OHSS) goes away quicker if you are not pregnant, otherwise it typically lingers into the first month of pregnancy. Bittersweet. I was so miserable, but so want to be pregnant. I know there is still a chance i am pregnant, but my hopes are not very high. Also, because i got OHSS this time, means it is very likely i will get it next cycle. I was literally on my butt since Thursday at 7:00 and the dr. still says to stay off my feet today. I might have to plan my next cycle to try around spring break and definitely not in early May because my brother is getting married and i am not missing that or being miserable during that happy time. I guess we will have to see.

Today, i have to do a lot of school work. It sucks. I feel like i didn't get anytime off to do anything i wanted to do, but then i think that at least i didn't have to use up more sick days. I was wondering if i would go to school tomorrow, but i think i will be alright. School work here i come. I will keep everyone posted. I have a little over a week of waiting still, but i am guessing it is a big fat no (at least not this time).


Ang said...

I hate when the weekend ends...and I'm still feeling exhausted and in need of a break. But at least the week will be short. and eventually another weekend is coming :)

I'm sorry you are feeling so disapointed and physically in pain...
Glad you are still hopeful...even though the fulfillment may not be immediate.

We love you and really miss you!!


Daniel Rudd said...

let me know if i can help.
miss you guys.