Saturday, February 03, 2007

Lazy day

I am not sure what i have done with my day. I started out the weekend knowing i was going to take it easy and stay cozy inside, but i didn't realize to what extent. I have stayed in my pajamas all day, minus the quick snowy run up to Hobos for some beach bread and hobos stew. When we returned, i promptly got back into them. I have taken a nap and sat and watched movies all day. Normally i cannot stand to just sit and "waste" time watching movies, but today i could. I have been fighting a cold for about a week now, so if my body is telling me to rest, then i am going to rest. I cannot believe how much snow we have gotten this weekend, and it just keeps coming down. They even closed the malls in G.R. It is absolutely beautiful. TJ and i were planning on going to the mall when we set out today, but as we were driving down Dalson, our plans quickly changed. We decided to eat somewhere close to Walgreen's where i was picking up a prescription. That was a great choice. When the wind blew, we could not see hardly anything. I hate driving in this stuff, but i love to look at it. Well, i think i will return to the couch and feather blanket. Stay warm.

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