Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Several little things made me smile today. . .if i look, they are all around me. Here are just a few:
  • A good morning kiss
  • heated seats
  • a dimple
  • an e-mail from a friend
  • Friends coming down to my classroom to see me
  • dark chocolate
  • hearing my granna is helping to pay for part of our California stay
  • having the ability to turn off Oprah when i heard Bill O'Reilly's voice
  • sunshine
  • a hug from a student
  • a meow and purring from Abby
  • a string of drool hanging from Annie's lips (she just looks hilarious like that)
  • soup
  • cheese
  • photographs
  • my jammie pants
  • knowing American Idol is on tonight
  • my classroom chair with wheels, so i didn't have to get up very much
  • eucalyptus spearmint
  • hot shower
  • conversation hearts
Just a few. . . there are many more smiles yet to come.


Anonymous said...

And reading your smiling moments makes the corners of my mouth lift up so my cheeks really do look like apples.

love, gail

Anonymous said...

I"m glad you possess the wisdom to turn off Bill O'Reilly. He's 'bad for America' as he likes to say.
love, Jered

Daniel Rudd said...

i told tj, but I'm not going to ask for an update after this weekend (or after other such two week waiting periods). i know how it is to get a lot of well-intentioned asking.

but since i'm not asking about it please do not assume that i am thinking about it and praying for you many many times each day

because i am