Sunday, February 18, 2007


I have sat in the same position for almost three days and three nights. My abdomen is still swelled, hard, and huge. It is a little better, but i thought it would be a ton better since i have spent all this time off of my feet. Will i get this ovarian hyper stimulation every time we start a new cycle of trying? I am not sure if i can handle it. I am supposed to continue staying off of my feet even after i start to feel normal and i do not feel close to normal yet. When i stand, i feel a ton of pressure and it still hurts when i breathe deeply. Poor TJ. He is waiting on me hand and foot and doing all of the chores. He hasn't slept well in nights because he is worried. We were at gail's this weekend, and i just sat there with my feet up. I think my butt is permanently numb. During the car ride, i sat in the back with my feet up. AAAHHHHH! Sorry this is not a happy post. I wonder if i will be able to go to school on Tuesday?

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