Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Home again

Well, i am home, away from my students, for one more day as i keep my feet elevated. My poor sub has to go to pool school today. You would think that i would have finished reading every book on my list or started writing a novel or something constructive. I haven't. I have watched many movies, graded papers, done suduko puzzles and watched TV. Next, i am going to continue watching Beverly Hills 90210 season 1. I am feeling a lot better today, so i need to watch myself because my doctor said to still stay off of my feet when i start to feel better or i can swell right back up. In my opinion this OHSS is not a good indicator of pregnancy. . . there are just too many variables. I am more confused than ever, so i will just have to wait out my full two weeks to know if we are pregnant or not. I am leaning towards no, but i would love to be surprised!

As i sit with my legs up, i look around and see all the chores that need to b done. We still haven't unpacked since we got home from Gail's. TJ has done so much to try to keep up with the house and with his school work, while still trying to do something for himself over his vacation. He did get some play time with Civilization on his computer and some reading time. Other than that, he has been doing school work, taking care of me, or taking care of some chores. He is the best. I know he feels just awful about this, especially a couple of days ago when i was absolutely miserable and there was nothing he could do to fix it. He is the best.

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